The Beginning


Welcome! We are Tim and Anne, “recently retired” and “soon to be retired” 50-somethings from Nova Scotia, Canada. We are in the final stages of preparing to sell our house, all of our belongings and head out to experience more of this amazing world. As you will come to learn we spend a lot of time planning, exploring options and as our son can tell you we change our minds quite often. In fact since we first started considering the idea of moving to a foreign country or extended travel we are likely at Plan Number 200! We are quite all right with that however, and not surprisingly several of the plans along the way resemble earlier versions with some slight adjustments.

The web is already full of similar stories, many of these blogs are excellent and we follow several on a regular basis. Neither of us are serious writers or profess to have a great talent for it, but as we researched we found it very informative and helpful to hear the stories of other people who share similar ideas and interests. We hope that you enjoy our ramblings as we first plan our adventure and then head out on the road.


We’ve always known that we love to travel, we adapt well to change and it seems as if we are always looking for a new adventure. We are not fond of winter (putting it lightly) so southern destinations seemed like an obvious first choice. Our early travel was all about natural destinations, the outdoors, good birding and trying when possible to get off the usual tourist trails. Initially all-inclusive destinations in the Caribbean were what we could afford but we gradually expanded to other places that held an attraction for us.


In 2005 we visited Costa Rica for the first time and we developed an affection for the country right away. While it was only a brief introduction to this wonderful country, it seemed to have all of the right ingredients. Over the past 10 years we have visited Costa Rica a total of 6 times visiting the Caribbean coast, Manuel Antonio, the Central Valley, the Arenal area and Guanacaste. This has exposed us to a broad diversity of climates, culture and communities.


Jump forward to 2015 and we have continued to have a deep attraction for Costa Rica and it’s Pura Vida lifestyle, friendly people and the amazing diversity of wildlife and ecosystems. We have done extensive research on the cost of living, health care, the expat community and gone over all of the pros and cons of moving there full time probably thousands of times.


However as much as we love the country and we will be heading there for a period of time, it is clear to us that we haven’t had enough opportunities to explore other parts of the world that may be of interest. We will have a modest fixed income so can we realistically hope to become full time nomads and spend time in the many places that are on our current wish list? We believe that the answer lies in the principles of slow travel. More about that in our next post.


Over the next few months, leading up to our planned departure in April 2016, we will share our own experience of what we feel are the more important and challenging aspects of preparing for an extended period of travel. This includes financial planning, health care, communications and all of the other little things that can be easily overlooked. We hope that you find this helpful or interesting whether you intend to pack up and leave or just want to follow along on our adventures. 

Happy travelling!



About timannehall

We sold almost all of our belongings and left our home in Nova Scotia in April 2016 to experience as much of the world as we could. We spent over a year slow traveling in Latin America and Europe. For the next stage of our journey we are going to be based in Portugal and traveling from there.
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2 Responses to The Beginning

  1. Nic Schuck says:

    I look forward to following your journey. I haven’t been to Costa Rica in 17 years and I’ll be visiting again in January. Im curious to see the changes that have taken place over the years.

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    • timannehall says:

      Thanks for dropping by Nic. We have been coming here for the past seven years. You will see a lot more development than when you were here before. Prices are much higher now, roads have improved a lot and there are many more visitors. Still a friendly and diverse country though. Tim & Anne


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