Our Home in the Clouds – Monteverde Part II


Carlos’ version of Gallo Pinto – Excellent!

After some searching online we decided that Casa Batsu looked like an ideal choice for our 5 night getaway in Monteverde. We certainly chose wisely as not only was this Bed & Breakfast cozy and charming, but the couple who runs it welcomed us as family. Carlos was a very thoughtful and gracious host and provided us with excellent food, a wealth of information and one of the best margaritas we have ever had!



The intimate B&B is built on the old family farm and we enjoyed the friendly relaxed atmosphere, great food, comfortable gardens and some interesting trails down to a couple of small coffee plantations.




We always appreciate gardens and trails as we are happy to spend early mornings searching out resident birds and exploring our new surroundings.



Our first morning we were welcomed by hummingbirds, tanagers, wrens, motmots and even an emerald toucanet.



Almost a perfect shot


On the “Sunset Trail” – Not while we were there.

We could tell as soon as we arrived that careful attention has been paid to the layout of the common areas and the grounds and that cleanliness was an important aspect of the service. The three guest rooms were spacious, tastefully decorated and very comfortable.


Breakfast each morning was a visual as well as a gastronomic treat. Fresh coffee and carefully prepared fruit were the starters and this was always accompanied by a variety of freshly made local juice and a blackberry smoothie. This was followed by a hot portion that varied every morning and was always delicious!


Another great aspect of the service provided at Casa Batsu is the personalized attention that Carlos pays to his customers. In first talking with him on the phone he quickly established what type of experience we were looking for and had a wealth of ideas and connections for us. An added convenience is that he will make your arrangements with local guides, tour companies and even the shuttles, and include it in your one final bill. This saved having to carry large amounts of cash everywhere.



At a cost of between $80 and $100 USD per night it falls in the middle of accommodation prices in the area, but the atmosphere, personal attention and great food make the price very reasonable. We especially enjoyed Carlos’ intriguing stories, helpful advice and infectious sense of humor. We will keep in touch with him and Paula and will definitely be going back in the future for a visit and are sure we will be welcomed as friends.


About timannehall

We sold almost all of our belongings and left our home in Nova Scotia in April 2016 to experience as much of the world as we could. We spent over a year slow traveling in Latin America and Europe. For the next stage of our journey we are going to be based in Portugal and traveling from there.
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8 Responses to Our Home in the Clouds – Monteverde Part II

  1. Casa Batsu sounds wonderful. And the presentation of the food! Works of art!

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  2. Jean Macfarlane McNaughton-Pulley says:

    Looks and sounds WONDERFUL!!!

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  3. Jen Hall says:

    Wow…fantastic guys!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • timannehall says:

      Thanks for dropping in Jen. It was a really interesting community and Carlos made us feel like a part of it. We loved being able to watch the birds while we were eating breakfast.


  4. Sounds like you found a gem of a place and the price seems very reasonable for a beautiful setting with such an attentive host. The grounds look and sound beautiful (I’d love to see all the birds) and the meals you’ve pictured look great. My vote … I’d stay there! 🙂 Anita

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