Next Stop London


We are down to the final few days now and all that can be done has been done. Our bags are ready (a backpack and small suitcase each!), we have airline and train tickets bought, London Passes in hand, and our hotels and apartments are booked through until the end of March 2017. The house is empty, our car has been sold, the seemingly endless paperwork is looked after, and many goodbyes have been said. We are more than ready to begin….


House Rented – Car Sold!


5″x 10″ Storage Locker with U-Haul

Looking back at our time in Costa Rica we can clearly see now that it was only a trial run. It was a most enjoyable three months in many ways, however it was not the wholehearted change we are embarking on now. We still had a house and car to come back to and it was easy to tell everyone we would see them in three months – it didn’t seem real.


View of Lake Arenal, Costa Rica (2016)

As our departure date nears (Sept 4th) and our anticipation builds one of our major conversations has centered around the question of “what is our purpose for doing this?” In the end we decided that it doesn’t matter all that much. We know we need to do this, we know we want to explore and we know we want to open ourselves to new ideas and experiences, so for the time being that is enough. We are thrilled to have this opportunity and we recognize what a wonderful blessing it is! Where we will be and how we will feel about it all a few years from now – we have no idea – and that is totally fine.


We have also been busy streamlining our site to make it easier to navigate and we have created a Welcome page introducing what features are available and how they work. The content pages now use a drop down menu to access information specific to a destination. We hope that our changes provide a faster and easier way to sort through all our information. As always, we would love to hear from you and welcome any comments below.

Next stop – London for two weeks of sightseeing!

IMG_6149 (2015_10_17 13_44_39 UTC)

View from London Eye (2009)


Tower Bridge (2009)

About Tim & Anne Hall

We sold almost all of our belongings and left our home in Nova Scotia in April 2016 to experience as much of the world as we could. We spent over a year slow traveling in Latin America and Europe, and are now living happily in the Portuguese Algarve, Portimao to be specific. We are gradually chnging the focus of our site to feature images of Portugal. Stay tuned - its a work in progress.
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10 Responses to Next Stop London

  1. Jen Hall says:

    So exciting Anne and Tim! Will miss you but am looking forward to reading all about your adventures. Wishing you much light and laughter on your journeys xo

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  2. So excited for you two. Have a great time!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. You question of “What is our purpose for doing this?” got me thinking, Tim and Ann. For us, and I think for you too, traveling has been a whole new chapter in our lives – a way to reinvent ourselves and discover new things about ourselves and the world. I’m so excited for you and hope this next chapter is a real page turner filled with lots of laughs! And look at the online friends you’ve made already! Anita

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    • timannehall says:

      We are certainly using this opportunity to reinvent ourselves, and in fact just the whole process of preparation has changed us a lot. We’re really looking forward to being able to slow down now and enjoy our discoveries, one day at a time. The support from yourselves and others has been a welcome bonus and we look forward to meeting you in person.

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  4. kemkem says:

    Congratulations on renting the house and selling the car! What we did the first year..just in case😀. Safe journey to my favorite city in the world.

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    • timannehall says:

      Thanks Kemkem. Our first choice would have been to sell the house too but the market is pretty slow here. We’re looking forward to a couple of weeks in London, some sightseeing and some time without to-do lists. Cheers, Tim & Anne


  5. London is such an amazing city and definitely is worth a visit! Have a safe trip, Anne and Tim!

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