Wet and Windy in Portimão – March 2018

Spring has just arrived and compared to other parts of the world we have spent the winter in, this has been pretty nice. The last few weeks have been the wettest and windiest we have seen in Portugal, but in spite of this you can enjoy outdoor activities year round. For North Americans seeking swimming weather at the beaches and tropical temperatures in January and February you had better stick to the Caribbean however.


Across the Arade River to Ferragudo

There have been a series of low pressure systems develop in the Eastern Atlantic and this has been causing significant wind and precipitation not only in Portugal but throughout Europe. There has been some damage along the coastline of the Algarve, particularly in the Faro area where small tornadoes were generated. The following pictures give a sense of the ferocity of the wind and waves in the Portimão area.


Praia de Três Castelos


Praia da Rocha on a very windy day


The waves broke through and the breakwater and destroyed one restaurant


Flooding in the Tivoli Marina area

We have upped our game a little at the gym and have been following a training regimen recommended by the great trainers at the Ginasio Amaryllis where we go 2-4 times a week. We love that they also have tennis courts and an indoor spa which is included in the monthly price. A swim in the heated pool followed by a sauna or Turkish steam room feels really good.


We’re very happy with our nearby gym

Unfortunately however our Portuguese learning has slacked off as we are waiting for summer to enroll in the second level classes. We continue to practice whenever possible at the grocery stores, restaurants and markets, which helps in the maintenance of the basics but we need to be pushed harder. Watching Portuguese subtitles at the movies, on television and on the radio also helps. All of our services and accounts are in Portuguese.


Packed stadium for FC Porto but we ended up sitting on the wrong side

We are still getting through all of the paperwork, even though most of the heavy lifting is done. We turned in our Canadian Driver’s Licences back in January and were given temporary ones until March 13. They didn’t arrive so we returned to Faro and after a relatively simple process were given extensions until mid-September. Hopefully they will be here by then! The same thing happened with the change of address on our vehicle registration. So we were given another month extension on that as well.


Typical dark clouds for the past month

The final piece is the changing of address on our Residencia card. After a wait of three months our appointment with SEF was on March 19 and that was a relatively easy process to get a new one. Another €40 euro fee however.


There are many stork nests along the roadside in Odiáxere


A pleasant street near our apartment


Portimão from the Igreja de Ferragudo

We have just filed our taxes for the first time as Canadian Non-residents. The Non-Resident section of CRA has actually been very helpful in navigating the emigration process. We think we have it figured out and the next few weeks will tell the story. With the Tax Treaty between Canada and Portugal, and the Portuguese Non Habitual Resident (NHR) program it actually works to our financial advantage filing from here.


The ever popular “Hippie Market”

IMG_3691 (2)

Just one of many inviting scenes in Silves

We haven’t been able to get outside exploring as much as we’d like over the past month, but have managed a few short trips in the vicinity. Friends from Nova Scotia were in town for a week so we enjoyed having a chance to share some of the great views, good food and local experiences. Unfortunately most of the time was very windy, but we did try a couple of new restaurants and a couple old favorites.

IMG_3644 (2)

An avid researcher – Paul was so happy to visit the prehistoric site of Alcalar!


One of the few days when there was a clear view from the Foia. Very windy though.

IMG_3671 (2)

The “Luar de Foia” in Monchique is highly recommended for grilled meat lovers

IMG_3705 (1)

One of our local favorites – “Peixarada” in Portimão

We are looking forward to starting some day hikes, doing more birding and spending more time outdoors in the next couple of weeks. We hope to head farther north as well and beginning to expand our knowledge of the rest of the country. In the mean time we continue to enjoy our small corner of the Algarve and the the little things that make it home.


Along the shore of the River Arade

Nesting storks, arrivals of spring birds from Africa, wildflowers, rivers with water and lush green grounds are all new to us as we enter our first Spring season. Bring it on!

IMG_3663 (2)

On the summit of the Foia


It is fascinating to see where the storks will build their nests



About Tim & Anne Hall

We sold almost all of our belongings and left our home in Nova Scotia in April 2016 to experience as much of the world as we could. We spent over a year slow traveling in Latin America and Europe, and are now living happily in the Portuguese Algarve, Portimao to be specific. We are gradually chnging the focus of our site to feature images of Portugal. Stay tuned - its a work in progress.
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7 Responses to Wet and Windy in Portimão – March 2018

  1. Joe says:

    Great photos of the blustery March weather along the Algarve. I hope the warm and sunny days are coming soon for you. The storks are fascinating, and their nesting habits are remarkable. Happy hiking, exploring, and birding!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Gilda Baxter says:

    The weather has been a bit mad here in the UK also. We had “The Beast From The East” bringing a lot of snow and disruption. I long for the Spring to make an appearance soon. Your photos of the windy weather looks very dramatic😄 Sounds like you are making the most of your time in the Algarve…keep up with learning Portuguese 😄

    Liked by 2 people

    • timannehall says:

      Hi Gilda. We watch the Premier League from England and have seen a lot of pretty messy weather up your way. No doubt you will enjoy some warmer days. It will be great to start up our Portuguese lessons again this summer. Cheers, Tim & Anne

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh, I love all the storks’ nests by Odiaxere and your last pic of the nest on the tanks is great. For people who have never seen a stork, it’s hard to convey just how huge they are and when I see them flying overhead, it’s easy to imagine how the fairytale of storks delivering babies came to be. Thankfully, it looks like we’re getting fewer days of gusty weather and gray skies and more days with sunshine so Spring may indeed be here. I love seeing all the green hills and the wildflowers in the fields and, as much as I enjoy the other seasons in Portugal, Spring may very well be my favorite time! Anita

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Jean Pulley says:

    Hi to both of you!!!
    I too was amazed at the size of a stork, I enjoyed the nest upon the tanks!!!
    I just wanted to say Happy Easter from me to you!!!

    Liked by 2 people

    • timannehall says:

      Hi Jean, and a very Happy Easter to you as well. We hope that you enjoy the weekend. We love watching the storks, there are a few that fly past our balcony here many times a day gathering sticks for their nests. All the best from both of us. Tim & Anne

      Liked by 1 person

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