Birding Along the Way

One of the activities we truly enjoy is birding. It is inexpensive, very engaging and a great way to gain an insight into the habitats and surroundings of any area that you visit. Many of the places we have visited have been at least in part as a result of exploring the natural diversity of an area.

We track our sightings using eBird which is an exceptional online resource that allows you not only to keep all of your data in one place but it also gives you access to some excellent research tools and we feel is one of the better examples of citizen science in practice.

We are not experts by any stretch however, just a normal couple who enjoys this activity and the awareness and knowledge of the natural world that it brings. Awareness and understanding are the starting points for us all to become better global citizens.

We have put this page together to provide an overview of some of the interesting birding photos we have taken along the way, and to possibly provide you with some inspiration and ideas for opportunities when you visit one of these areas. We hope that you enjoy it. We will update this page on a regular basis.

Current world wide bird count: 642

Posing with the Royal Terns

Posing with the Royal Terns – Sanibel Island, Florida


Black-headed Gull – St. James’ Park, London


Whimbrel – Cascais, Portugal


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