Trinidad and Tobago

We spent 10 days in Tobago in 2012. In addition to the fact that we love the Caribbean and Tobago can be relatively inexpensive, we chose it as it is an interesting island for birding. This is due to its proximity to South America and also that it still has relatively good forest coverage. While we were there our birding consisted of a week around the village of Castries, a day trip around the island with a local guide and a boat trip along the coast.

Current Trinidad & Tobago bird count: 55

TTMar14 047

Green Heron

TTMar22 012

Little Blue Heron

Brown Pelicans. Plymouth, Tobago

Brown Pelicans

TTMar14 037

Laughing Gulls

TTMar13 043

Black-crowned Night Heron

TTMar12 019

Blue-crowned Motmot

TTMar12 007 (1)

Spectacled Thrush

Laughing Gulls. Plymouth, Tobago

Laughing Gulls



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