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Portuguese Residency Visa for Canadians

Are you considering a move to Portugal? We spent three months there last year and loved almost everything about it. So much so that we decided to move full time and establish our home base there. The first step in … Continue reading

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Our First Travel Fail: Yellow Fever Requirements for Costa Rica

We are both planners by nature and we might be accused of over-planning and not leaving enough to chance. However on our most recent trip from Ecuador to Costa Rica we were caught by surprise and forced into a week … Continue reading

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The Amazon Basin Part 1: Planning and the Journey

The Amazon rainforest is the world’s largest by far, and the Amazon Basin covers over 6.9 million square kilometers and forms parts of eight countries including Ecuador. In addition to its critical role in the generation of water and carbon storage it … Continue reading

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Puerto Lopez: A Visit to an Ecuadorian Beach Town

About 100 kms north of Ballenita sits the beach town of Puerto Lopez. With a population of about 20,000 its main industries are fishing and tourism. It is also the gateway to Machalilla National Park which includes Isla de la Plata or … Continue reading

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Changing Continents One Flight at a Time

Common wisdom tells us that it’s the journey and not the destination that matters, but that expression doesn’t always apply, especially with air travel. It is challenging to get jazzed about security checks at airports, long flights in small seats with … Continue reading

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One Day is not Enough: Enchanting Sintra

Sintra is a wonderfully picturesque town set amongst the hills northwest of Lisbon. It received a well deserved designation as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1995. As the top recommended day trip from Lisbon its popularity is also a problem as … Continue reading

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London to Lisbon by Train – Well Worth the Effort

In today’s world generally when people think of long distance travel airlines are usually the answer. In fact in most cases air travel is the simplest and quickest way of getting from Point A to Point B. However there are … Continue reading

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Parting Thoughts from Two Weeks in London

We finished our two week visit in London and while it is not the way we normally travel we did learn a lot and had a great overview of the city. First up is a very quick snapshot of some of the … Continue reading

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Travel Tips: Simple European Train Booking

Other than a short trip through Hamburg for Tim’s work, our only experience with European train travel was using a BritRail Pass in 2009. It was a great experience and we enjoyed the freedom of having the pass for our trip … Continue reading

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