Ecuador Expenses

January 17, 2017 – March 17, 2017 – 1 bedroom cabina in the town of Ballenita, Santa Elena Province. Rented through Airbnb.



Average monthly expenses (CAD)

  • Accommodation – $803. The price was reasonable when the monthly reduction was applied through Airbnb. However we felt that the cabina was not sufficient for extended living.
  • Transit Travel – $579. Our flight to Ecuador was part of a complicated return ticket from Canada to Ecuador to Costa Rica to Canada. The overall price was good but as it turned out was likely why we ended up missing the Yellow Fever requirements for Costa Rica. Costs include a hotel in Guayaquil and bus tickets to and from Ballenita.
  • Groceries/Food – $705. Overall food costs were very reasonable. For convenience we shopped mainly at a local modern supermarket but could have cut costs further by purchasing more at the local markets. This involved either taxi or bus however and was not as convenient. We generally ate at a local restaurant once or twice a week at an average cost of about $15.
  • Travel Insurance – $276. We chose World Nomads to provide coverage after our Canadian coverage expired.
  • Utilities / Communications – $31. Our only utility cost was the weekly purchase of a large bottle of drinking water for a cooler at a cost of $3 per bottle. The remainder of the costs are our ongoing cell phone and internet charges.
  • Local Transport – $14. We used buses (50 cents) and taxis to get around the local area. Both were easily accessible and cheap.
  • Miscellaneous – $31. This included a hair cut and ongoing personal items. We chose to replace our prescription glasses while we were there which was much cheaper than in Canada, but have not included those charges as they would have been required wherever we were.
  • General Logistics – $157. This includes extra bank fees as well as our storage locker and mail box rental in Nova Scotia.

Total Monthly Costs – $2595.

Explanatory comments: As usual we have chosen not to include leisure expenses as this is quite subjective and varies greatly between travelers and situations. During our stay we took trips to the Amazon, to Puerto Lopez and Isla de la Plata and Cuenca (post coming soon). The costs associated with these trips are included in the posts.