England Expenses

September 5 – September 19, 2016. 1-bedroom apartment in the Stoke-Newington area of London. Rented through Airbnb.

September 19, 2016. In transit Bed & Breakfast room at The Tawny Owl in Swindon, England.

September 20 – October 8, 2016. House sit in the Oakhurst area of Swindon, England.


Average monthly expenses (CAD)

  • Accommodation – $1192. We were pleased with the price for the London apartment through Airbnb at under $100 per night. It is above our budgeted nightly costs but was offset by the house sit.
  • Transit Travel – $242. We paid for part of our flight through a companion voucher obtained through a credit card loyalty plan. The remaining cost was averaged over 5 months (the length of our overall stay in Europe). $102 was train costs from the airport and to and from Swindon.
  • Groceries / Food – $652. Overall we found groceries to be very well priced both in London and Swindon. Lower than either Costa Rica or Nova Scotia. We did not eat out very often during either stay.
  • Travel Insurance – $0. We have 40 days of coverage after leaving Nova Scotia under our Canadian plan so other than our regular monthly payment we did not incur any costs during this period.
  • Utilities / Communications – $20. There were no utility charges in our apartment or at our house sit. We pay $10 monthly to maintain our Canadian cell phone plan and number and we keep a Netflix subscription that we can use anywhere. We chose not to get a local SIM card.
  • Local Transport – $245. We chose to do a lot of sightseeing in London and as a result transportation costs were higher. We used Oyster cards for London and spent a total of $240. Additional costs were for a taxi and gas for use of the car in Swindon.
  • Miscellaneous – $331. These costs included personal items, hair cuts and we had to replace two power adapters.
  • General Logistics – $161. Included extra bank fees and our mailbox and storage rental unit in Nova Scotia.

Total average monthly costs – $2843.

Explanatory comments: As usual we have not included leisure activities and expenses as these are choices that individuals make while traveling. We did purchase two 10-day London Passes for our time in London, and attended a football match.