Portugal Expenses

October 12 – November 16, 2016. 3 bedroom apartment in the Graca neighbourhood of Lisbon. Rented through Airbnb.


November 16, 2016 – January 8, 2017. 1 bedroom condominium in Lagos. Rented through Lloyd’s Property Services.


Average monthly expenses (CAD)

  • Accomodation – $1294. We exceeded our monthly budget in Lisbon but it was well worth it as we had our son and a friend for two weeks and the views and location were sublime! We felt we got a great price on a “winter let” in Lagos at $846 per month plus utilities.
  • Transit Travel – $434. We averaged our return flight to London from Nova Scotia over 5 months. We also included return air fare from Faro to London in this cost as our extended train trip was a more expensive option that we chose for personal reasons. This cost includes bus fare to Lagos from Lisbon and rail to Faro from Lagos.
  • Groceries / Food – $1067. Overall we found food in general to be very well priced in Portugal. Our costs were higher as we chose to eat at restaurants more than we normally do. We also had 6 days on the road in Spain and had to eat lunch and dinners at restaurants. We also had two guests for two weeks while in Lisbon.
  • Travel Insurance – $184. This was purchased through World Nomads.
  • Utilities / Communication – $97. We paid $225 for utilities over 7 weeks at our condo in Lagos. This included electricity, water and gas. As in England, we chose not to get a local SIM card as we had strong wifi everywhere. We maintain a Canadian phone number and a Netflix subscription.
  • Local Transport – $47. This was primarily the use of transit cards in Lisbon which covered the bus, subway and trams. This was reasonably priced and efficient. We only used one taxi which was to the bus terminal in Lisbon.
  • Miscellaneous – $131. This includes items of a personal nature, health and beauty items and slippers and a warm sweater each in Lagos.
  • General Logistics – $157. Includes the cost of maintaining a storage locker and mailbox in Nova Scotia.

Total average monthly costs – $3411

Explanatory comments: This was the first time that we exceeded our planned budget which was mainly due to an expensive (but worthwhile) apartment in Lisbon and eating out more often. Take note as well that accommodation in the Algarve in high season is significantly more expensive. In general we did not include leisure activities in these figures as they represent personal choices travelers make. Extra costs will be incurred for museums, tours etc. and for the most part we have included these costs in our posts.