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Portuguese Residency Visa for Canadians

Are you considering a move to Portugal? We spent three months there last year and loved almost everything about it. So much so that we decided to move full time and establish our home base there. The first step in … Continue reading

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Changing Directions one Step at a Time

When we first started to imagine and then plan our journey through retirement we had a vague idea of what we were hoping to experience, and what we were ultimately looking for was even more uncertain. As we have said … Continue reading

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Changing Continents One Flight at a Time

Common wisdom tells us that it’s the journey and not the destination that matters, but that expression doesn’t always apply, especially with air travel. It is challenging to get jazzed about security checks at airports, long flights in small seats with … Continue reading

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Slow Travel in Retirement: First Year Reflections and Looking Ahead

We will look back at 2016 as a year of change and new beginnings. We have both been through some major changes in our lives, some good and some that were pretty tumultuous. In many ways however the leap that … Continue reading

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Welcome to the Algarve – Lagos in November

The Algarve region of Portugal is a very popular summer tourist destination, mainly for Europeans. We arrived in mid-November after most of the thousands of tourists had returned to their working lives, however there is a year round population of … Continue reading

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Loving Life in Lisbon: Where did Five Weeks Go?

Five weeks can seem like an eternity or it can fly past in a blink of an eye. For us, it seems like yesterday when we arrived at the Santa Apalonia station in Lisbon and yet we felt very comfortable … Continue reading

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One Day is not Enough: Enchanting Sintra

Sintra is a wonderfully picturesque town set amongst the hills northwest of Lisbon. It received a well deserved designation as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1995. As the top recommended day trip from Lisbon its popularity is also a problem as … Continue reading

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To the Beach: Cascais and Estoril as a Day Trip from Lisbon

Looking through the guide books the coastal towns of Cascais and Estoril always rank among the top day trips from Lisbon. Commuter rail from Lisbon to both towns is efficient and inexpensive. We love beach towns so it was a … Continue reading

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Wandering the Streets of Lisbon: Early Impressions

Arrival in a new city after several long days of travel can be overwhelming and usually comes with a welcome sigh of relief. First impressions are usually formed from nervous excitement, personal expectations, trepidation on how to find your way to … Continue reading

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