In 2016 we set out to slowly explore the world with no particular destination in mind. After more than a year of travelling in Latin America and Europe we decided to base ourselves in Portugal and travel as much as we can from there. We are not thrill seekers nor backpackers but we do want to experience life to the fullest by getting to know the people, the natural surroundings, the history, and the cultures that combine to make a community.

Our research of long term travel opened up the blogging world to us and we are enjoying it immensely. We decided to create our own site to serve as an online journal, personal chronicle, and to connect with family, friends and others with a similar interest. Our goal is to make it informative, fun, educational, helpful, and as visually attractive as we can. We post new material on a totally random schedule to share all our experiences as they unfold.

Navigating Our Site

ON THE RIGHT – All our blog posts can be selected by month in the Archives drop down menu (we started in November 2015). In the Tags section (called a Tag Cloud) posts can be found on specific topics by clicking on what interests you. Where Are We Now? is of course our current location in the world!  By choosing Follow Blog via Email you will be notified by email of a new post which will bring you directly to our blog page to view our most recent post.

ON THE TOP – Along with our Blog tab, which has all our blogs in one feed from most recent, we also have static pages which will provide a little more information on specific topics related to our travels. Our Journey is a simplified list of where we have been and where we think we would like to spend some time in the next year. Exploring Portugal is our newest page and will continue to grow as we explore new areas. A drop down menu links to locations. Money Matters provides a snapshot of our costs associated with living in different communities. About Us is….about us. Other pages will be added as we learn more!

ON THE BOTTOM – Scroll down to the bottom of our pages and you can Share this on social media, Like any of our posts/pages or Leave a Response. There is a quick link to Follow A New Latitude and a list of our Recent Posts. You can Like our Facebook page, A New Latitude, where we post snippets of things happening in our daily life. A list under Blogs/Follow shows other blog sites we follow where all kinds of information can be found!

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